"Fossil Hunting"

I am exhibiting my work at Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust Open Exhibition from 15th July to 16th August 2019.
The place depicted in the painting is Wrens Nest Nature Reserve in Dudley.
Primary school students come here on school trips to learn about history and geography. Young children have open minds and are often more ready to learn than adults. They just love to find and discover the world around them. For this picture I wanted to depict the enjoyment of life that young people can feel in a single moment of discovery.

When people start to advance in years, their lives can become preoccupied with many different things and it becomes easy to forget the moments of youth in which the excitement of life is sparked within the spirit. People often find and discover answers to present problems from history. Fossil-hunting for me is similar to this search for answers to the big questions of life and existence with reference to history.

Can you find the disguised dinosaur in the picture?
Fossil Hunting