" Midnight journey"


Open Exhibition
3rd June - 29th June 2024
The Art yard Gallery & Studios,
Cradley Heath,

A cat illustration


I know that look...
I enjoy illustrating Millie. ...more

"Drawn by the light"


First time showing this drawing in public. I drew this during lockdown. ...more

Artists from Hirakata-city Vol.3 Exhibition


I am exhibiting my egg tempera painting at the Hirashin Art Gallery, The Performing & Visual Arts Centre, Hirakata-city, Osaka, Japan from 13th March to 18th March 2024. This exhibition is hosted by Hirakata-city. ...more

Christmas Exhibition!


My small animal egg tempera painting in the Christmas exhibition at The Art Yard starts today. We have a private view and live music from 6:30 tonight. Please come along with your family if you're nearby. ...more



My first attempt at Sgraffito on my hand crafted picture frame! I have wanted to try this popular Italian Renaissance technique for a long time. It's such a fun and exciting technique! ...more

Artists from Hirakata-city Vol.2 Exhibition


I am participating the exhibition called " Artists from Hirakata-city" starting from 15th March (Wed) to 20th March (Mon) 2023 at Hirashin Art Gallery, Hirakata Performing & Visual Arts Centre, Osaka, Japan.
This exhibition is hosted by Hirakata-city. I am very pleased to show my work in my home city in Japan.
I am exhibiting one of the best works I produced last year. ...more

Portrait commissions


This is Albert. This was a commissioned work, which I had the opportunity to paint recently. I put my soul into this painting with the wish for Albert's happiness and hope for his future. I accept portrait commissions for people and animals. If you are interested in having a portrait painted by a skilled artist, please get in touch via DM.

"Daily visitor"


This is an egg tempera version of "Daily visitor" a drawing I did last month. Once I had finished the drawing, I had images of colour version of this work in my mind. This is one of them. It is not often that I want to create again in the same subject. That interest in this work made me wonder, why was I interested in creating this work again. ...more

"Spread your wings"


I am exhibiting my drawing at The Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust from 1st November to 29th November.
If you are nearby, please come and visit the show. ...more

"Boy Meets stick"


A dog saw a stick
But didn't pick it up
A boy saw the stick
And the stick found a home

DSoA at Himley Hall Exhibition
Himley Hall & Park
Himley Road,
1st November - 15th January 2023 ...more

A Letter in Mind


"A Letter in Mind" is a fund-raising art exhibition. This year's theme is "A Sense of Movement". The artwork will all be priced at £85 and exhibited at Gallery Different. All proceeds from sale will support vital projects at Queen Square. (The National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery and UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology) The Artists' names will be revealed after the work is sold. My work is also exhibited! ...more

"Daily visitor"


This is Bella. She is a daily visitor to my garden and likes to sit under the tree.
At the moment, a pigeon is looking after her young in my garden. She brings two fledglings every day. I was worried that Bella might chase them, but she just watches them. She sometimes runs after birds but not the young fledglings. ...more

RBSA Prize Exhibition 2022


I was thinking about breathing and the balance between soul and body. I was interested in the benefits of slow - breathing out for good health.
In Japanese "exhale" is represented by the pictograph "??(HAKU)" meaning to breathe out. This contains the symbol for "mouth (?)" and "plus and minus (?)". Once all the minuses or negatives are exhaled from the body we are left with just the positive represented by the pictograph "??" (KANAU) - "to come true". This is the idea which lies behind this particular work. When there are no more minuses left, your dream can come true and a new vision will "Coming into view." ...more

National Heritage Open Days 2022


My work " Boy and Tree" is showing at St. Michaels's Church for National Heritage Open days from Saturday 10th September to Saturday 17th September. St. Michael's Church is a Grade II listed building. This church is a multi - period church with classical styling. When you enter this church, you are welcomed by a beautiful light coming through the stained-glass windows, which you must see! Heritage Open Days are one of England's largest culture events. I am happy to be involved. ...more

Singing Flowers


I was feeling weary in the hot weather. My head was down because of the heat and as I looked down, I suddenly noticed flowers in full bloom looking up & singing joyfully. This moment of contrast between my weariness and the energy of the flowers made me want to capture this beauty.

"HOME" Exhibition at The MOMA Machynlleth


My new egg tempera painting will be on show in the "HOME" Exhibition at The MOMA Machynlleth, in Wales from tomorrow until 7th September 2022.
There is the Machynlleth Festival, too from 21st - 28th August. This is an annual celebration of Welsh and International music and culture. Machynlleth is an historic town and in the heart of UNESCO Dyfi Bioshere. If you have a chance to go to Mid Wales in the Summer, please come and visit the show. I like the landscape between the West Midlands and Machynlleth because I can see gentle rolling green hills and idyllic scenery. So beautiful. ...more

Miniature art work


I am exhibiting my miniature work starting this Saturday 11th June until Saturday 18th June in the Town Hall, Wells, Somerset, UK. My miniature art work is about the size of 2 custard creams! The frame is hand crafted especially for miniature work.
Wells is a lovely place to visit. if you are nearby, please come and visit the show. ...more

"Bella Sky blue"


I am exhibiting my art work at The Art Yard starting 30th May until 25th June 2022. ...more

"West Midlands Open 2022"


I am delighted to announce that I am exhibiting in the#WestMidlandsOpen This opportunity to celebrate the quality and diversity of the visual arts across the region will take place at The New Art Gallery Walsall, 20 May - 25 September 2022 (Preview Thursday 19 May, 6 - 8pm).

Works were accepted from West Midlands-based artists, artists currently studying in the region and those who have studied in the region within the last 10 years. Works were selected by Skinder Hundal MBE (@skinderhundal), Director of Arts, @britishcouncil, West Midlands-based artists Maryam Wahid (@maryamwb) and Nilupa Yasmin (@nilupayasmin_), as well as a panel of Gallery staff led by Director Stephen Snoddy (@snoddy.stephen).


"Portico Cat"


This cat drawing is exhibiting at The Art Yard from 25th April until 21st May 2022.
I saw this cat when I was an artist in residence in Italy in 2013. Portico di Romagna is a very beautiful and historic place. Italian poet Dante Alighieri's beloved Beatrice lived in this town. Portico is also home to the smallest volcano in Italy which I painted and drew... I remember I was having a hectic life in UK at that time and I kind of escaped to Portico. I found a community where people gather together, help each other, listen to live music and eat together.
I have not been outside of the UK since the beginning of the pandemic. I drew this cat from memory. Memory takes you to any place, any time, to people, smells, temperature, feelings, thoughts, sounds, tastes, textures, colours, shapes, buildings, light and movement... When I drew this Portico Cat my mind was freed from distance. ...more

"A Gentle Cat"


My new cat drawing is at The Art Yard starting yesterday until 16th April.
I saw this cat when I was walking. I can't remember if it's a male or a female. All I remember is this cat was warm-hearted, friendly, patient and gentle with children. ...more

Three drawings at the Waterside Gallery


I am currently participating in a group show at the Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust. I am exhibiting three drawings at the front space of the Waterside Galley. There is also a café and interesting underground cave canal trips. The Black Country Museum and Dudley Zoo are also nearby. If you have time, please visit. ...more

Small cat painting at The Art Yard


I am exhibiting a small cat painting at The Art Yard until 12th March 2022. If you have a chance, please come and visit the group show. ...more

Brantwood - John Ruskin's House


Last summer I visited the home of the celebrated 19th century art critic and writer, John Ruskin.
At the entrance to Brantwood, there is a sign with Ruskin's words that reads:
" Fine art is that in which the hand, the head and the heart of man go together."
These words resonated profoundly with me.

Dudley Heritage Open Day


This is a one day exhibition on Saturday 11th September 2021 from 10am to 4pm at the Crown Hotel, Wolverhampton Street, Dudley, DY1 1ED. The Crown Hotel was constructed 1895 - 7 and was Grade 2 listed in 1996. The building was designed by Joseph D Wood, and is a "Gothic Revival" style building. ...more

Opening Year event in Japan


I am participating in the opening year event at Hirashin Art Gallery, Hirakata Performing & Visual Arts Centre, Osaka, Japan from 30th August to 13th September 2021, featuring 67 artists who have a connection with Hirakata city. I am delighted to be a part of this s
Strawberry Thief
how. If you are around please come and visit our exhibition. ...more

New Exhibition at Dudley Canal Trust


At last ! My works will be on display at a real gallery ! After 18 months, Dudley Society of Artists is holding a group exhibition. It is being held at Dudley Canal Trust from 2nd July to 30th July. Come along to see wonderful works of art produced by members of the society. ...more

A new page of drawings has been added to the site.


I have added a new page of drawings to my website. This particular drawing is a study of "Head of a woman" by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema's, drawn in1885. When I was studying this drawing, I noticed such delicate, beautiful light-catching lines and the slight smile in the model's expression makes me wonder about her thoughts and feelings.

Early closure and postpone due to COVID-19


Thank you to all those who visited the Dudley Society of Artists Exhibition at Himley Hall and for your kind comments about my work. However, due to Covid-19 we have had to close the exhibition early and postpone the Society's next show at the Waterside Gallery at Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust. ...more

"Fossil Hunting"


I am exhibiting my work at Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust Open Exhibition from 15th July to 16th August 2019.
The place depicted in the painting is Wrens Nest Nature Reserve in Dudley.
Primary school students come here on school trips to learn about history and geography. Young children have open minds and are often more ready to learn than adults. They just love to find and discover the world around them. For this picture I wanted to depict the enjoyment of life that young people can feel in a single moment of discovery.

When people start to advance in years, their lives can become preoccupied with many different things and it becomes easy to forget the moments of youth in which the excitement of life is sparked within the spirit. People often find and discover answers to present problems from history. Fossil-hunting for me is similar to this search for answers to the big questions of life and existence with reference to history.

Can you find the disguised dinosaur in the picture? ...more

Eiko's latest work exhibiting at The Museum of Modern Art Wales


I will be exhibiting my work at the Tabernacle Art Competition at the Museum of Modern Art in Wales from Saturday 6th July to Thursday 5th September.
The Machynlleth Festival takes place from 18th to 25th August. ...more

Made in The Black Country Festival


I will be participating in the 'Made in The Black Country Festival' at Dudley Canal Trust on 30th June 2019. My work is a portrait drawing of the Victorian period-born writer Virginia Woolf (1882-1941).

Upcoming group exhibition starts on 18th June 2019


I have an upcoming exhibition at Dudley Canal Trust, West Midlands, UK from 18th June to 15th July.

Guinea Pig -KOTOHA-


Part of a new series of small paintings. The frame is hand-carved by Eiko using gold leaf.

Upcoming group exhibition starts on 4th June 2018.


I have an upcoming exhibition at Dudley Canal Trust, West Midlands, UK from 4th June to 13th July.

Upcoming group exhibition starts on 28th July 2018.


I have an upcoming exhibition at Himley Hall, Dudley from Saturday 28th July to Saturday 22nd September. ...more

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