"Portico Cat"

This cat drawing is exhibiting at The Art Yard from 25th April until 21st May 2022.
I saw this cat when I was an artist in residence in Italy in 2013. Portico di Romagna is a very beautiful and historic place. Italian poet Dante Alighieri's beloved Beatrice lived in this town. Portico is also home to the smallest volcano in Italy which I painted and drew... I remember I was having a hectic life in UK at that time and I kind of escaped to Portico. I found a community where people gather together, help each other, listen to live music and eat together.
I have not been outside of the UK since the beginning of the pandemic. I drew this cat from memory. Memory takes you to any place, any time, to people, smells, temperature, feelings, thoughts, sounds, tastes, textures, colours, shapes, buildings, light and movement... When I drew this Portico Cat my mind was freed from distance.
The Art Yard
19-20 Upper High Street, Cradley Heath, West Midlands, B64 5HX, UK
25th April - 21st May 2022
Portico Cat