RBSA Prize Exhibition 2022

I was thinking about breathing and the balance between soul and body. I was interested in the benefits of slow - breathing out for good health.
In Japanese "exhale" is represented by the pictograph "??(HAKU)" meaning to breathe out. This contains the symbol for "mouth (?)" and "plus and minus (?)". Once all the minuses or negatives are exhaled from the body we are left with just the positive represented by the pictograph "??" (KANAU) - "to come true". This is the idea which lies behind this particular work. When there are no more minuses left, your dream can come true and a new vision will "Coming into view."
The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Prize Exhibition
The RBSA Gallery,
St. Paul's Square,
15th September - 15th October 2022

This year's judges were:
Diana Ali, Visual Artist & International Curator & Lecturer
Peter Bonnell, Arts Programme Manager of QUAD & FORMAT
Rebecca Court, Course Director BA (Hons) Fine Art at Birmingham School of Art
Coming into view